Table of Contents


  1.   Rackspace Logins 
  2.   Remote Site Settings URL’s 
  3.   Bulk Email Setting (Optional Step) 
  4.   Uploading files to RackSpace through Cloud Drop 
  5.   View/Download File 
  6.   Delete File 
  7.   Search File/Folder 
  8.   Create a New Folder 
  9.   Edit a Folder 
  10.   Delete a Folder 
  11.   Creating a Sub Folder  





1. Rackspace Logins

a)  Navigate to Cloud Drop Setup tab.

b)  Click on the General Tab and select the Rackspace Login.

c)  Click On Edit Button.

d)  Enter the User name and Auth key (Api Key).

e)  Click on Save.

Refer the below link for more details

2. Remote Site Settings URL's 

a)  In Salesforce to verify remote settings navigate to: 

Setup → Administration Setup → Security Controls → Remote Site Settings 

b)  Check for:

c)  If Remote Site Setting is not present, add it manually using following steps:

  •  Setup à Administration Setup à Security Controls à Remote Site Settings 

d)  Click New Remote Site button.

e)  Add the following values

(would depend solely on Rackspace account and region viz USA/UK )

(would depend solely on Rackspace account and region viz USA/UK)

Validate it from cloud drop setup page(Remote Site settings page) as these are dynamic fields.  


f)  Click Save.

g)  Click on Remote Site Setting to validate the Remote Site URLs. 

Refer to the following link for more details

3. Bulk Email Setting(optional step)

This Feature enables user to send bulk email with Cloud Drop files as attachment to Salesforce contacts. It is an optional step. 

Please provide the appropriate information like username and password of your email account from which you want to send email by using Cloud Drop app in order to do the Bulk Email settings. Do save and click on Finish.

Refer the link below for more information:

4. Uploading files to RackSpace through Cloud Drop 

Step 1: Click on Cloud Drop Tab.

Step 2: Click on New Document Button to upload new file.

Step 3: Click on Browse button to select file you want to upload through Cloud Drop.

Step 4: Enter other related fields (i.e. Access type, Version name, Description) value as per your requirement. These are optional fields. 

5. View/Download File

Step 1: Go to Cloud Drop section and click on View. 
Step 2: You can see the content of the uploaded file/s. 
Step 3: The User has the option to either view or save the file to local drive.
Step 4: To view the details of file, click on the uploaded file name.

6. Delete File

Step 1: Navigate to Cloud Drop Tab.

Step 2: Click on Del Hyperlink to delete under the Action column in the Cloud Drop section.

Step 3: You will see a warning message saying:  

Are you sure you want to delete all its contents? 

Step 4: Click Ok, if you want to delete, otherwise click Cancel.  

7. Search File/Folder

Step 1: Navigate to Cloud Drop Tab.

Step 2: Enter your search term in the search text box.

Step 3: Click on search button to for searching the file/folder. 

Note: Searching filters for any File/Folder are Name, Description, Version Name  and Keyword

8. Create a New Folder 

Step 1: Go to Cloud drop section Click on New Folder Button.

Step 2: Enter name of the folder. Add Description to the folder that you want to create ( This is an optional field).
Step 3: After filling in the required fields, you can click Save button to create the new folder.
   If you decide not to create a folder, you can click Cancel button.  

9. Edit a Folder

Step 1: Go to Cloud drop tab click on Edit link besides the folder you want to edit.

Step 2: Edit fields you want to edit.

Step 3: Click on save button to update the changes or click on cancel to cancel the update process.  

10. Delete a Folder

Step 1: For deleting the folder click on cloud drop Section.

Step 2: Click on Del link associated with the folder which you want to delete.

Step 3: A warning message will be displayed

Are you sure you want to delete all its contents?

Click on Ok button if you want to delete that specific folder otherwise click Cancel button.
Step 4: If there is no File/Folder Present in that specific folder then that folder will be deleted otherwise error message would be displayed.

11. Creating a Sub Folder 

User can create any number of Sub Folders within a Folder.

Step 1: Click on folder, where user want to create a sub Folder

Step 2: Click on the New Folder Button 
Step 3: Enter Name (Mandatory) and Description(Optional) and Save.

Refer to the following link for more information:  


For more details user can refer  Configuration guide as well as User Guide for cloud drop.