ChargeBee For Salesforce - Configuration Guide


ChargeBee for Salesforce Overview

         Charebee Prerequisite

Installing the ChargeBee for Salesforce App.

         Steps to Install ChargeBee for Salesforce. 

ChargeBee for Salesforce Quick Setup.

         1. ChargeBee Connect. 

             Remote Site Setting. 

         2. ChargeBee Sync. 

         3. ChargeBee Setting. 

Webhook Setting

Setting Up the Site

Webhook Setting in ChargeBee

It is an app that integrates ChargBee and Salesforce. The purpose of this guide is to make you familiar with the usage for ChargBee for Salesforce app.
Chargebee for Saleforce app is a 2-way SFDC-to-ChargeBee and vice-versa connector that enables to create and update Subscription directly from Salesofrce for any plan in ChargeBee.

This app will retrieve all the Subscription, Plans, Addons, Coupons, Transaction, Invoices from ChargBee and sync with Saleaforce data.

ChargeBee Prerequisite

Chargebee provide a trusted Billing Platform for Subscription Businesses. Chargebee account is needed for ChargeBee for Salesforce app so that User can make Subscription and Payments from Salesforce to that Chargebee account.

Installing the ChargeBee for Salesforce App

ChargeBee for Salesforce is a private application that cannot be found by searching the Salesforce App Exchange. It can be installed from the following URL:

<Appexchange link>

Steps to Install ChargeBee for Salesforce

1. After clicking the above link to the ChargeBee for Salesforce App Exchange detail page, click Get It Now, then choose to install in your production or sandbox Salesforce org:
<get it now screen shot from appexchange>.

2. Indicate that you have read and agreed to the terms, and click Confirm and Install!

3. When prompted, provide your Salesforce login credentials

4. The Package Installation Details page shows the ChargeBee for Salesforce components that will be added. Click Continue.

5. ChargeBee for Salesforce will use your Salesforce credentials and redirect you to the Approve Package API Access page. Click Next.

6. From the Choose security level page, you can grant access to:

· Admins Only

· All users

· Specify your own settings

Select the security level you want to use and click Next.

7. From the Installation Package page, click Install.


8. You will receive an email from when the installation is complete.




From the ChargeBee Setup tab, you can perform the following functions:

1. Set up your Chargebee information. You must have a Chargebee login to use ChargeBee for Salesforce app.

2. Set up your data sync now and hourly from Chargebee.

3. Set up Address Requirement setting as On or Off as per Chargebee account setting.


1. ChargeBee Connect

Click on “ChargeBee Setup” tab and then “ChargeBee Connect” to connect with a Chargebee account and enter ChargeBee Username, API Key and Site which you get from the Chargebee account.

But before saving the credential you have to create a remote site setting with the same site of Chargebee account as below

Remote Site Setting

Add ChargeBee Site in Remote site setting From:

Setup => Administration Setup => Remote Site Settings


From Remote Site Settings Page Click on New Remote Site add ChargeBee site URL and Click on Save.



And now you can save the Chargebee credentials.


Once you save your credentials on this screen, you will not have to provide them again.


2. ChargeBee Sync

Now click on “ChargeBee Sync tab and then click on “Sync Now” button to sync Salesforce with ChargeBee at the same moment to setup all the data from Chargebee .By clicking “Sync Hourly” you can sync Salesforce with ChargeBee at every hour automatically.